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Droopy, baggy skin around the eyes can give people the appearance of looking much older than they actually are. For some patients, sagging skin above and below the eyes becomes so problematic that it obstructs their vision. Dr. Jonathan Pontell, a respected facial cosmetic surgeon, performs eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty), at our office near Delaware in Wayne, Pennsylvania (near the Philadelphia Main Line suburbs), to remove bagginess around the eyes and take years off the face.

During a short procedure, Dr. Pontell can help you achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance by correcting sagging, droopy eyelids, and removing fat pockets below the eyes. If you would like to learn whether you might be a Philadelphia eyelid lift surgery candidate, contact the offices of Dr. Jonathan Pontell to schedule a personal consultation.

Before Eyelid Surgery

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Individuals with puffy upper eyelids or under-eye bags are usually excellent Philadelphia blepharoplasty candidates. Before blepharoplasty, you will meet with Dr. Pontell at our office near Philadelphia and Delaware (in Wayne, Pennsylvania) to determine if you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery. During this time, you should explain your expectations for your results and ask any questions you have about the procedure.

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The Eyelid Surgery Procedure (Blepharoplasty)

Depending on whether your eyelids are sagging so much that they obstruct your vision, or you have drooping bags below your eyes, our blepharoplasty surgeon, Dr. Pontell, will suggest either an upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplaty, or a combination of both. At our Wayne, Pennsylvania office near Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Delaware, Dr. Pontell performs blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids by surgically removing sagging skin that hinders vision and causes the face to look older. During lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Pontell removes the fat deposits below the eyes, which can become more prominent with age.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery

In performing upper eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift, Dr. Pontell removes extra skin that sags or reduces the field of vision. Incisions are hidden in the folds of the eyelid, and usually incisions leave little permanent scarring. After the procedure is completed, Dr. Pontell closes the incisions with tiny sutures. Some of our upper eyelid surgery Philadelphia patients may wish to combine their treatment with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures for more pronounced results. Dr. Pontell can develop a treatment plan that fits your individual goals. Such plans might combine blepharoplasty with non-surgical procedures, such as Botox or Ultherapy in Delaware/ Pennsylvania. If more extensive facial rejuvenation is needed, Dr. Pontell might recommend that the blepharoplasty patient also pursue facelift in Philadelphia.

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Lower Eyelid Surgery

During lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Pontell first makes a tiny incision along the eyelashes, or through the pink part of the inside of the eyelid. Dr. Pontell then removes excess tissue and fat from the area underneath the eyes through the incision.

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Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

Patients generally have swelling and black and blue around their eyes after eyelid surgery that goes away after the first week. Sutures are removed a week after eyelid surgery. Patients may return to work about one week after their surgery.

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Contact Our Office Near Delaware & South New Jersey

To learn more about upper or lower eyelid surgery, or to find out whether you are a Philadelphia blepharoplasty candidate, contact our plastic surgery offices conveniently located near South New Jersey and Delaware. At our Wayne, Pennsylvania office, we can help you achieve that awake, alert look you desire, while eliminating the sagging eyelids or bags under your eyes.

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