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Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift & Browlift – Patient Testimonial

Mini Facelift & Fraxel® – Patient Testimonial

The mini facelift has become a very popular procedure among Dr. Pontell’s plastic surgery patients. While still able to produce dramatic rejuvenation of the face and neck, this limited incision, less invasive procedure involves a much quicker recovery and a significantly lower cost than a traditional facelift.

Many patients love the fact that they can have this procedure in Dr. Pontell’s office under local anesthesia. Some patients want to go to sleep for a mini-facelift and in that case, Dr. Pontell does the surgery in a hospital/surgical center.

The mini facelift offers a simpler alternative to a traditional facelift, improving loose or sagging skin around the jowls, cheeks and neck without undergoing major surgery. It is an ideal procedure for individuals with skin laxity in the face and neck who do not have a heavy or fatty neck. Surgical times average 1.5 hours. Fewer incisions are made as compared to a traditional facelift and these are hidden in the natural creases around the ears. Through these incisions, Dr. Pontell will tighten the underlying muscle layer and then re-drape the skin and remove any excess. The incisions are then meticulously closed.

There is less healing time after a mini facelift than after a conventional facelift. Some bruising and swelling may result but these tend to fade quickly. Any discomfort that occurs can be alleviated with medication. The stitches are removed in ten days. Many patients find that they can return to work in less than one week and resume exercise within two weeks.

If you would like to learn whether you are a facelift or mini facelift candidate, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Pontell by calling his offices at (610) 688-7100.

Procedure: mini-facelift
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Procedure: browlift and mini-facelift
Before and After - Facelift

Actual Patient of Dr. Pontell

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