Dr. Pontell, cosmetic surgeon in Philadelphia, has been serving the Pennsylvania, South New Jersey and Delaware area for years. He has been performing minor and major cosmetic procedures for patients helping them achieve the look they’ve always desired, including augmentation, reconstruction, rhinoplasty and lifts for patients he wants to look their best.


Stress, aging, lifestyle and the environment play a role in how the person’s skin changes as they age. The face, neck and breasts all undergo significant changes when the person ages. Many people have come to realize that they don’t have to let the effects of gravity and aging compromise their physical features. Women are embracing the aging process and looking to lift procedures to look as youthful as they feel. Aware of the many options available like chin and facelifts, women know that they can safely remove the minor imperfections caused by skin changes. Each of the procedures requires the removal of excess fat and light sculpting to provide the ideal shape.


Augmentation is simply about making a good feature stunning. The lips and other parts of the body can easily be enhanced with the best injectable fillers available on the market. The safe and quick procedure can give the woman who has always wanted full lips the desired shape they have always desired. The fast and effective procedure can give women the lips they want for up to six months at a time, adding to the value of the procedure.


A person involved in a traffic accident or one who struggles with severe acne may find it hard to remove unwanted scarring. When the scarring affects the face, the person has limited non-surgical options available to minimize the appearance of facial scars. Reconstructive surgeries help those with severe skin or scarring imperfections reverse those imperfections and have the skin they’ve always wanted. No longer will they have to invest time in concealing the scars through makeup or experimenting with expensive creams to see minimal results.


Rhinoplasty creates symmetry and aligns the nose with the other features, improving the facial profile. People who have been injured in an accident previously or who have always felt self-conscious about the appearance of their nose have a few rhinoplasty options available to them.

There are many cosmetic surgeons in Philidelphia, but very few of them have the extensive experience that Dr. Pontell has,  giving patients the options they need to create the look and enhance the features in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. No person ever has to settle for the imperfections that come with aging or feel self-conscious about their features when they can choose from one of many enhancements, lifts, augmentations and rhinoplasty services offered here.

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