How the Nose Affects Facial Aesthetics

People seeking out nasal surgery do so for two major reasons. One is that there is a functional issue with their nose that needs to be corrected. The second, and more common reason, is that they want to enhance their appearance. These are the different ways the nose can affect your facial aesthetics.


As the center point of the face, the nose plays a large role in creating your facial symmetry. If the nose is crooked or poorly proportioned, it can ruin the balance of your features. Symmetry is highly important in facial beauty. This is commonly seen in the golden ratio related to the face, where the nose is placed right between the eyes and chin. This balance of features is often viewed as naturally more attractive.

Overpowers Other Features

An issue people can face, especially men, when they have a prominently large nose is that it overpowers other important facial features. A large or elongated nose can make it appear as if you have a weak or receding chin. Many people feel they need a chin augmentation, when in fact bringing the nose into a more proportional size will help improve the appearance of their other features.

Highlighting Ethnic Background

While symmetry and balance are essential in creating an attractive facial aesthetic, there are variations between what people from different ethnic backgrounds see as beautiful. The nose can play an important role in highlighting your ethnicity, and it helps create a unique and beautiful facial appearance. You never want to have a nose that doesn’t belong with the rest of your features; instead, you want it to highlight what’s already there.

Poor Shape

Sometimes, it’s just the shape of the nose that people find unattractive. A hooked appearance is thought to be “witch” like, and a large nasal hump can be distracting. Your nose can be positioned properly and in balance with your other facial features, but a structural defect can simply make you self-conscious.

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