Male Facial Plastic Surgery

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Male Facial Plastic Surgery Philadelphia

The male body and face differ from the female structure in the skin, fat, and tissue quality and quantity. Facial plastic surgery on men requires a slightly different approach to maintain a masculine and natural look on the face or body.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

More and more men seek cosmetic surgery to enhance their attractiveness and reverse the signs of aging. Male facial plastic surgery changes the appearance of the facial features or structures, with respect to the naturally masculine shape, without creating an overdone look.

Why Choose Dr. Pontell?

Dr. Jonathan Pontell is highly skilled in face procedures specifically to enhance the male form. With over 27 years as a practicing facial plastic surgeon, he has performed thousands of surgeries to improve the masculine appearance and boost the confidence of his patients. 

Dr. Pontell is the leading surgeon in Philadelphia, with double board certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He has a true gift for surgical excellence, delighting patients in his state-of-the-art Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center in the  Main Line Philadelphia suburbs, PA, with high-quality results.

What Is Male Facial Plastic Surgery?

Male and female faces can have very different features, so it makes sense that facial plastic surgery is approached based on a person’s gender. Male facial plastic surgery is performed to enhance and rejuvenate the masculine features of the face, while the goal with women is to create a “softer” appearance. Dr. Pontell performs a variety of facial plastic surgery techniques, all designed to help men look and feel younger while maintaining their masculine characteristics.

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Our Goals

A More Youthful Appearance

The goal of male facial plastic surgery is to help a man eliminate aging facial indicators. Although not often discussed, most men want to look and feel younger. After undergoing one or a combination of facial procedures, male patients will achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Masculine Facial Features

As fine facial lines, wrinkles, creases, and sagging develop, many men will notice their young, masculine facial features become obscured. After undergoing one or more facial plastic surgeries, they can restore their facial features to look and feel more masculine and defined.

Increased Confidence

When a man has wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging tissues, it can affect his feelings about himself and his self-image. Once the face is restored with more youthful contours, a man can confidently show off his newly rejuvenated facial appearance. He will feel more self-assured, knowing that his appearance more accurately reflects how he feels on the inside.

Your Initial Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Pontell will go over all the male facial plastic surgery options in detail. He will evaluate your facial tissues and structure to help you decide on the best procedure(s) to meet your aesthetic goals. Dr. Pontell provides computer imaging to give a clear idea of the results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Male patients interested in facial plastic surgery should be in good health, have realistic expectations, and not have any serious medical conditions. They should be fully educated about the procedure(s) and genuinely desire to undergo surgery for their personal aesthetic goals. 

Male Aesthetic Procedures

Brow Lift Surgery

Dr. Pontell does not employ the traditional brow lift procedure on men because it raises the hairline. Instead, he will make an incision hidden in the forehead creases. Through the incisions, he can lift the eyebrows and smooth out forehead wrinkles without disturbing the hairline.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery restores a more youthful eye appearance by eliminating sagging upper or lower eyelid tissue. Small incisions are made along the natural upper eyelid crease or just below the lower lashes to remove skin and fatty tissue and lift sagging muscles. The skin is tightened and secured using sutures.

Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery can correct loose, sagging neck tissue and tighten the muscles of the neck. Small incisions are made behind the ears and under the chin, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, and the neckline is tightened to look smoother and more youthful. A neck lift can take years off your overall complexion.

Facelift Surgery

The mini facelift is minimally invasive and designed to enhance the jawline and soften deep folds around the mouth. Patients with more dramatic signs of aging can benefit from a traditional facelift, which is performed to remove unsightly jowls, loose skin, and deep lines and wrinkles from the mid and lower face.


Dr. Pontell can perform rhinoplasty to correct a prominent hump, bulbous tip, or large nostrils in addition to problems that obstruct breathing to improve the function and appearance of the nose.


Dr. Pontell can fix ears that stick out more than is optimal. The otoplasty procedure is typically done in the office under local anesthesia and can make a huge difference in a patient’s appearance.

Hair Transplant

Dr. Pontell uses the latest, most cutting-edge, minimally invasive device for hair transplantation called SmartGraft™. Using the SmartGraft™ device, Dr. Pontell and his staff can remove individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp where the hair never falls out and transplant them to a receding hairline or to the crown (top of the scalp where a bald spot may be). Unlike the old-fashioned procedure, this process performs hair transplants without any large incision in the back of the scalp.

Recovery Process

Male Facial Plastic Surgery Philadelphia

Patients should arrange a ride to and from surgery and designate a caring person for the first 24 hours. Each patient will recover at their individual pace. Typically, recovery will last from one to two weeks. Residual swelling is expected for several weeks. Patients should refrain from exercise for at least two weeks, and any activity involving strenuous head movement should be avoided for several weeks.

Will There Be Scars?

Scarring will vary depending on the procedure(s) employed. Dr. Pontell tries to make incisions as discreet as possible, hidden along the natural facial creases. As the incisions heal, scarring will gradually fade and become less noticeable.

Is the Recovery Painful?

Although you will have some discomfort after surgery, most patients agree that the pain is minimal. Any pain that patients may feel can be controlled with prescription medications or regular TYLENOL®.

Dr. Pontell Rhinoplasty Cast removal

Revision MaleFacial Plastic Surgery

Men who want to correct unsatisfactory results they received from another doctor may be interested in revisional male facial plastic surgery. It is recommended that patients wait at least six months to one year before undergoing revision surgery to allow for complete facial healing.


Will I still look like myself after male facial plastic surgery?

Male facial plastic surgery is designed to enhance a man’s natural appearance rather than make him look “operated on.” The goal of surgery is not to significantly alter your appearance but to make you look like a younger or better version of yourself. Surgery is designed to bring out your unique facial characteristics by removing sagging skin and wrinkles.

Will I have to stay overnight in a hospital?

No, male facial plastic surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in a hospital, surgicenter, or office, and patients can return home following surgery.

How long will my results last?

Patients will be able to enjoy their facial plastic surgery results for many years. However, plastic surgery does not halt the aging process. As time carries on, so does aging. Patients who practice a healthy lifestyle by following a regular diet and exercise regimen benefit the most from their surgery.

Can I undergo additional procedures during my facial plastic surgery?

Some men undergo various non-surgical procedures to enhance their facial plastic surgery results, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectables. Patients are welcome to combine these procedures, and Dr. Pontell will help you choose the right treatment plan.