What Forms of Injectables Are Available

Injectables are widely known for their ease and popularity. They are available through most cosmetic surgeons and are in high demand. People who have not had any other work done are more likely to get injectables in PA done over other more invasive options on the market. Injectables quickly became very acceptable amongst the masses. These quick and often times painless procedures sometimes appeal to the younger market when it comes to plastic surgery since they are great at slowing down and preventing signs of aging. Ready to learn more?

Botox is the most commonly known form of an injectable. Many people start getting Botox done in their late 20’s and early 30’s. (If you choose to do an injectable at a younger age the dosage will be significantly lower and the number of applications will be much less.) The appointment from start to finish will take less than an hour and injections are made via a very thin needle in the forehead, brow line and other places as advised by a doctor. Results from Botox will, in fact vary by patient, but last about 4 months at which patients should return for another round. Celebrities across the globe rant and rave about Botox so the method is in high demand by males and females alike. When done correctly, skin on the face tightens in a very natural and unnoticeable way.

At The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center we also offer other safe alternatives to Botox. Other injectables in PA include Restylane and Juvederm used for wrinkle treatment as well as Lip Augmentation. Lip Augmentations will naturally increase the size of your lips for multiple months with a few simple, quick injections.

Our wrinkle treatment is safe for the cheeks and eyes. This innovative treatment has long-lasting effects and the more often it is used, the less often a patient needs to get fresh injections. This credible care has been administered to more than 40 million patients in over 70 countries! It is a highly recommended treatment for deep lines and wrinkles.

Head of plastic surgeryat The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center is Jonathan Pontell MD FACS who was named “Best Facial Plastic Surgeon” by Main Line Life newspaper for the last 4 years in a row! If you are ready for a change this is the surgeon to contact. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Pontell at (610) 405- 6303. Trust this award winning plastic surgeon to make the right calls when it comes to beautifying your face.

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