Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow

Do you find yourself covering thinning hair with a hat? Are your balding spots making you feel self-conscious, like everyone is judging your lack of hair? Do you believe that thicker, fuller hair growth would give you that much-needed edge in the business world? If you are struggling with hair loss, you’re not alone—nearly two-thirds of men over 35 experience some degree of hair loss.

However, just because hair loss is natural doesn’t mean you have to live with it. SmartGraft™ is a revolutionary hair transplant system that will give you a fuller head of hair in less time and with less pain than other systems on the market.

What Is SmartGraft™?

SmartGraft™ is a hair restoration process that uses a combination of precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. SmartGraft™ is a follicular unit extractor, which takes individual follicular units from your donor area on the back of the scalp. The hair in this area never falls out, so when transplanted to the treatment area, the follicle becomes incorporated into the scalp, allowing new hair to grow.   

Why Choose SmartGraft™?

Dr. Pontell is an experienced hair restoration physician. During his surgical residency, he performed many strip method hair transplants, and through experience, he has determined that the old approach is far less superior than the SmartGraft™ FUE hair transplant technique. Dr. Pontell chose the SmartGraft™ system for his practice because of its quicker surgery and recovery time along with minimal visible scarring. Other SmartGraft™ benefits include:

  • Higher survival rate of donor hair follicles
  • Natural results
  • Less pain
  • More accurate follicle retrieval
  • The most minimally invasive technique on the market

SmartGraft™ Is for Both Men and Women    

Hair loss is an issue that affects more men each year than women. However, 40 percent of people with hair loss are women. The SmartGraft™ system is ideal for treating both men and women who suffer from hair loss. The same wonderfully natural results can be achieved no matter if the hair is long or short or somewhere in the middle.

If you are tired of living with thinning or balding hair, it’s time to schedule your SmartGraft™ consultation with Dr. Pontell. Call our office at 610-688-7100 or contact us online.

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