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Earlobe Repair Philadelphia

There are a number of ways the earlobes can be damaged, stretched, or torn, whether by heavy earrings, gauges, snagged or pulled earrings, or other trauma. Torn earlobe repair surgically restores the earlobes to a natural-looking appearance.

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Earlobe Repair in Philadelphia

Patients who would like to wear earrings again but can’t due to the gauge holes, who would like to restore their earlobes to their original appearance, or who no longer want a piercing of any kind can have their earlobes repaired. Regardless of how your earring injury came about, your earlobes can be restored in Philadelphia with a simple surgical procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Pontell?

Dr. Jonathan Pontell is a double board-certified Homefacial plastic surgeon in Philadelphia with a reputation for compassion and artistry. As a specialist in facial plastic surgery with 27 years of experience, Dr. Pontell aims to provide the highest quality services to patients, making him a top choice for those who require earlobe repair. 

Dr. Pontell provides effective, advanced techniques for patients who want to restore their appearance. His Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and modern. Designed to be a perfect environment for safe, state-of-the-art, innovative treatments, the facility allows patients to relax, knowing they are in the hands of the very best.

What Is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair is a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure designed to restore earlobes that have been damaged in any way. This customized procedure may be performed with different techniques, depending on what is required for each individual to achieve earlobe rejuvenation. Dr. Pontell will begin with a consultation to assess the current condition of your earlobes. Based on the trauma, he will recommend the restoration method and design a customized surgical plan for you. 

Earring Accidents or Other Trauma

The earlobes can be split by earrings getting snagged or pulled by children. Other trauma to the earlobes, including dog bites or other accidents, can leave the earlobes ripped or damaged. When this happens, the patient cannot wear earrings in that specific area until the torn earlobe is surgically repaired.

Ear Gauges or Earring Holes

Ear gauges are purposely designed to stretch the earlobes. When they are placed, holes significantly larger than the small hole of earring piercings are created. Even after the gauges are removed, the holes remain. They will shrink over time, but the hole will not disappear, and the earlobe will be permanently altered.

Procedure in Detail

Torn earlobe surgery typically requires only a local anesthetic. The technique Dr. Pontell will use depends on how much tissue was lost and the nature of the earlobe injury. Dr. Pontell’s technique will follow the surgical plan he designs and customizes to address your specific needs, whether a wound needs to be closed, tissue redistributed, or the earlobe reshaped. Dr. Pontell will remove the skin around the hole and stitch the earlobe closed if hole repair is needed. For cases requiring more extensive reconstruction, Dr. Pontell may use a small flap to redesign and reconstruct the earlobe. He will use sutures and specific suturing techniques to minimize scarring and leave the earlobe looking naturally and wholly restored.

Recovery Time

Earlobe Repair Philadelphia

Immediately following the procedure, patients can return to work. Expect mild pain for a couple of days. You will apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment four times daily. It’s essential to keep the area clean during this recovery period.

Patients who want new piercings for earrings will need to wait for five weeks before they can pierce their ears again. The piercing will need to be in a slightly different location than the original one to avoid any scar tissue in the earlobe.

Ideal Candidate

Patients who have suffered earlobe trauma or would like to reshape and renew their earlobes are candidates for earlobe repair surgery in Philadelphia. Ideal candidates for earlobe repair must meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good health generally
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations about what earlobe repair surgery can achieve
  • Do not have a history of severe scarring