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Visiting Facial Surgery Patients Philadelphia

The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center is led by Dr. Jonathan Pontell – a highly experienced Philadelphia facial plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face. Dr. Pontell offers a vast array of cosmetic and reconstructive facial procedures, and he is regarded as an exceptionally talented surgeon by his patients and peers. Dr. Pontell’s reputation for excellence draws numerous patients from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South New Jersey and throughout the country every year. In order to help visiting patients arrange their stay in Philadelphia, Dr. Pontell’s staff offers helpful recommendations regarding travel plans and hotel accommodations.

Traveling to Philadelphia for Surgery

Dr. Pontell’s patient coordinators can help visiting patients plan their vacations by offering restaurant and entertainment venue recommendations.

Dr. Pontell usually recommends that his patients arrive in Philadelphia several days before the surgery day. This allows Dr. Pontell to meet his patients in person, conduct unhurried consultations, perform medical evaluations and exams, and confirm the treatment plan. Many surgical procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, and time in surgery might range from 1-4 hours. After this time, patients are usually allowed to return to their hotel rooms. Dr. Pontell and his staff remain in close contact with their patients during the immediate post-surgery period to ensure that the recovery is proceeding as planned.

Dr. Pontell meets with his patients several times after surgery to remove any stitches and surgical dressings, and to evaluate patients’ progress. Although most patients can return home within days after their treatments, many choose to remain in Philadelphia for several days in order to explore this exciting locale and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Schedule Your Appointment with Dr. Pontell

If you would like to learn how Dr. Jonathan Pontell can help you rejuvenate your facial appearance or correct various aesthetic flaws, schedule a personal consultation by calling his offices at (610) 549-4641. During your in-person or virtual consultation, Dr. Pontell will explain your facial plastic surgery options and help you determine whether you might be an eyelid surgery, forehead lift or facelift Philadelphia candidate. Similarly, Dr. Pontell can help you choose the most appropriate facial implants, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty procedures. He can also explain various non-surgical treatments that can be combined with surgical procedures, such as facial injectables, Fraxel laser skin resurfacing and Ultherapy in Philadelphia.

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