Boosting Your Confidence Through Life Changing Procedures

One of the most acceptable forms of cosmetic surgery is the rhinoplasty. Unlike most nose jobs, this is not for aesthetic purposes alone. Many people have rhinoplasty surgery done every year for health reasons and sometimes it is something that is not noticeable. These are the type of procedures that change lives and plastic surgeons are proud to conduct.

Who Typically Gets A Rhinoplasty Surgery Done?

Were you recently in a car accident? Did you get into a mishap as a child? Were you born with a birth defect? Perhaps you underwent previous surgery. If any of these apply to you then you would be a prime candidate for a rhinoplasty. People who typically commit to a rhinoplasty have experienced a broken nose, damaged and/or collapsed airway and abnormal functioning of the nose. Plastic surgeons fix these issues in one of two ways, thus making breathing easier and the individual healthier.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty can often be popular. This involves needle injections for minor fixes that reshape the nose both inside and out. Of course, this is only for people who need small changes to their nose that a doctor foresees being altered without surgery.

Jonathan Pontell MD FACS is the leading professional at The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Although non-invasive rhinoplasty surgeons in Philadelphia are available, Dr. Pontell does focus his practice on the standard rhinoplasty, which involves surgery and precise incisions. When this procedure is done by Dr. Pontell it usually includes cuts made on the bridge of the patient’s nose so the skin can then be lifted, work can be done within the nose and the nose can later be reshaped. Recovery time varies by patient and by which rhinoplasty surgeons in Philadelphia do the procedure. Since nose jobs take ample time to heal and for the swelling to diminish it is standard for patients not to see adequate results for weeks. Patients should also check in with their doctor frequently to make sure everything is healing as predicted.

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