What Plastic Surgery Breakthrough Will Benefit You?

Plastic surgery used to be a scary word and to some people it was even a form of taboo. As the years go on though, it is becoming more and more acceptable. Numerous procedures are available depending how the type of results a person is looking to achieve. Even better is the fact that minor procedures are now available for people who only want to make small adjustments.

Minor Changes To The Face

Are you looking to make changes to the appearance of your face? Who does not want to look younger right? This does not have to mean a facelift, more natural options are out there that have truly changed the meaning of “plastic surgery”. Consider getting Botox, a Mini Facelift or committing to Ultherapy. All 3 procedures are short and sweet, require minimum sedation and little to no recovery time! These procedures will reduce sagging chins, lift eyes and tighten foreheads. The Mini Facelift is actually the most popular procedures here at The Aesthetic Facial Surgery Center! Minimize wrinkles and look fresher with these non-surgical procedures today.

Drastic Changes To The Face

Perhaps you want to make some major changed to your facial appearance. If you are very dissatisfied with the appearance of your eyes and chin then there are other options for you. You can consider the standard Facelift, Rhinoplasty or even a Brow Lift. Although these procedures are more invasive, they will bring greater, longer lasting results for pure customer satisfaction. Yes, the recovery time is longer due to incisions that will be made, but once the body has healed the changes are instant instead of being gradual like many of the non-invasive methods discussed earlier. At our office, plastic surgeon Jonathan Pontell MD FACS is known for his amazing work. He especially stands out when it comes to his shocking Rhinoplasty results. These types of procedures transform your entire face.

Patients are known for ranting and raving about Dr. Pontell and his professionalism. They say he is “Extremely sweet and soft spoke.” At The Aesthetic Facial Surgery Center we take care of our patients and conduct extensive examinations. Another patients stated “He spent a very long time with me explaining all the options and the predicted results.” With customized procedures and an award winning plastic surgeon, you cannot go wrong.

Are You Ready For A Younger Looking Face That Will Boost Your Confidence? If So, Contact Our Office To Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Jonathan Pontell At (610) 405- 6303.

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