Cosmetic surgery keeps gaining popularity. What once used to only be an option for the wealthy and famous has now become not only acceptable for the average citizen, but also demanded by them. From nose jobs to Botox, people search for the right doctor in the right place to help them appear younger, fresher and healthier looking.

Jonathan Pontell MD FACS, owns the Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Pennsylvania. Our office is widely known for housing one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Philadelphia with his array of procedures when it comes to both body makeovers and facial enhancements. Proudly, we have recreated the appearance of some individuals with amazing nose jobs that boost patient confidence and wow their close family and friends. Two of our most popular and innovation procedures also include Ultherapy and Liposonix.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure. Recently approved by the FDA, it appeals to both males and females between the age of 35 to 65. Using ultrasound like technology, it is best for tightening sagging chins and deep under eye circles. Patients rant and rave about this new technique since it takes less than an hour, with minimal sedation and little to no down time. In this day and age, plastic surgery does not have to mean excess incisions with ample time away from work.

Liposonix is similar to Ultherapy since it also is widely used by patients for fat reduction. The difference being, cosmetic surgeons in Philadelphia like Dr. Pontell use this techonology for the body instead of the face. This precise, innovative breakthrough works differently for each and every individual who takes advantage of it. It allows the cosmetic surgeon to analyze the depth of a person’s body fat in particular areas; the doctor can then make adjustments to fit your personal needs. Like Ultherapy this is also a short procedure that lasts a little under an hour. Within 2 to 3 months, patients will notice tighter, firmer skin paired with significant weight loss. Again, no incisions are made, so patients do not have to worry about scarring or missing work!

Does the work of plastic surgery simply make you nervous? This should no longer be the case. The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing and experts are always looking for better ways to cut the time of the procedure as well as the time it takes for your body to bounce back.

Are you ready for a younger looking face and a tighter body? contact our office to schedule an appointment with dr. Jonathan Pontell at (610) 405- 6303 today.

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